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The first step is to talk to the client, see the situation, go out on the field or meet with existing drafts.

A snapshot of the existing condition is made, according to which together according to your wishes we make a floor plan.

The conceptual solution includes designs for demolition, masonry, furniture disposition, floor processing, electric installation scheme, water installation display scheme or depending on the project and needs only one of the above items.

The first step, MAKING A CONCEPTUAL SOLUTION is also an introduction to the second step when decorating the interior, which is 3D visualization or equipping (making bills of quantities and choosing equipment).


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Visual tool for presenting a conceptual solution

3D is done according to the defined 2D draft, the agreed space layout. It presents the designer’s idea through photos and video visualization. From 3D it is clear to read which materials, furniture and colors are used and how everything as a single unit works volume inspace.

3D visualization is a presentation of a design solution and an idea. An important step in interior design and communication between designer and client.


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We propose and pass with you all the materials and nuances of your spaces.